Places of interest

Alpine City Brig

In the middle of the Alps lies the town of Brig-Glis. Brig's old town with its narrow alleys is home to numerous restaurants with outdoor seating which gives the city it's unique charm.

Ecomuseum Alter Gasthof

The old inn, or "Alter Gasthof" in german, is the centre of the Ecomuseum Simplon. Visitors to the museum get to know Kaspar Stockalper, Napoleon and Geo Chavez..

Castle of Stockalper

The magnificent Stockalper Castle was built between 1658 and 1678 by Kaspar Stockalper vom Thurm.

Stone Eagle Simplon

As a symbol of vigilance on the Simplon, the eagle stands as a soldier's monument on the Simplon Pass.

Bridge of Ganter

The Ganter Bridge became known worldwide because of its spectacular span and movable pier legs.