Ecomuseum “Alter Gasthof” in Simplon Dorf

The old inn “Alter Gasthof” in the center of Simplon Dorf was built between the 14th and 18th centuries. Today the building houses a museum on the history of Simplon.

The former Susten building on the town square was constructed in several stages from the 14th century onwards. The wooden block walls, which are surrounded by stone walls, correspond to the typical building style of the Simplon. From 1991 to 1995, the old inn was restored by the community.

The old inn is the centre of the Simplon Ecomuseum. Visitors to the museum not only learn about Stockalper, Napoleon, miners of the Simplon tunnel and the daredevil Geo Chavez, but also about the rural life of the people of Simplon the so called “Simpilär”.

Location and arrival

From Brig you can take the post bus to Simplon Dorf. At the railway station in Brig, take the post bus in the direction of Simplon or Domodossola (I).

Parking is available in Simplon Dorf.

Ecomuseum Simplon
3907 Simplon-Dorf